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      Why Subscribe to SmokinMen?   01/23/2018

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      Why subscribe and give money to SmokinMen.com? A couple members have asked and I always struggle to give an answer other than, "It verifies you are of legal age and gives you access to the "X-rated" portions of the site."  But in all honesty, it SUPPORTS the site.  It assures that the site will remain online for the foreseeable future.  That is NOT a given.  Costs are skyrocketing to provide a responsive environment with features that members want.  We all think nothing of buy that next pack of smokes or even a carton.... how about how a carton a year to a website that you regularly frequent to assure its survival?

      These are the additional features that you get with Plus (+) access: Access to X-Rated Galleries X-Rated User Albums Access to Story Archives Increased Control Features Access Priority Increased messaging limits Unfettered access from filters and throttles Higher bandwidth and storage alotments SmokinMen is NOT a Pay site. We are a small community, and this site is the longest running site and remains fairly consistent. But, all said, less than 1% of the membership of this site contributes monetarily. So, Why subscribe to SmokinMen.com? Besides the obvious access, it's a small contribution to assure that a site you love remains online. It's a token of appreciation stating that you care about the site. It's a vote of support for keeping such a controversial topic and fetish alive.

      Can't afford to donate or purchase a subscription?  I have a deal for you too: Content is always an issue. New and fresh pictures and information.
      Earn One Month of Plus (+) access for each two smoking stars you submit to Admin@SmokinMen.com.
      ** Must include a minimum of 5 smoking pictures each. **
      The Star can not already be in the Database.

      $$ Paid and/or Lifetime Subscription for unlimited use submission of pictures and videos of you to be showcased in a specialty gallery. ($$ only available for x-rated content).

      Actively Moderate one or more forums, inducing conversation, while also protecting the site will get you Plus (+) access as long as you perform the functions.

      Large quantities of pictures will also get you access if no more than 10% of what you submit doesn't already reside in the galleries.
      Discuss via email with Admin@SmokinMen.com

      Thanks for reading all this and I hope that you will consider supporting the site. For those of you that already do, MANY THANKS to you! Want to Subscribe? Click Here

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Not including time/labor, SmokinMen is averaging $300 per month in operating expenses.  This includes hosting, software, licensing fees, and millions of chat messages pushed between members every month!  Only donations and subscriptions can offset that cost.  If you are inclined to subscribe or donate, you have the site's greatest appreciation.  Use the Store link to see the available subscriptions, or enter your donation below.

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