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Required Site Rules


** If Registration Fails ANY Check Below, It will be Deleted **

1. You MUST register from a valid, location aware IP address.

- Registrations using a VPN, Proxy, TOR, or Apple Privacy will be denied.

- No geographical disparity between IP and Location (ex: IP is in Scotland, You state your location as Norway, etc..)

- This rule ONLY applies to registration, not normal site usage.

2. You MUST maintain an ACTIVE and VALID Email account on this site at all times.

- Registering from a disposable or temporary email account will result in immediate BAN.

- Successful delivery of email protects the reputation of the site.  Emails returned as refused, blocked, unknown, etc will affect the status of your account.

- Your email address is PRIVATE.  You can see it on your profile, but it is invisible to other members.

- YOU control the email you receive from this site!!!!  Rather than block site email or deactivate your email account, take a moment and adjust your preferences to allow ONLY the emails you want sent, if any.  Go to Notification Preferences Here.

3.  One Account - One Person.

- If the system recognizes a duplicate, both accounts will be affected.  If you still maintain multiple accounts, please close all but one.  Account Deactivate/Delete is located here.

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